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Weck Jar 370ml

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German-made Weck jars are formed from thick, hardy glass and made to withstand boiling, sterilizing and indefinite repeated use. The glass lids fit snugly on the jar with a natural rubber ring creating a hermetic seal. The lid is held in place with two stainless steel spring clamps, adjusted for permanent spring action even with continual use.

The system design is ingenious. When the seal on the jar is intact and airtight, the tab on the rubber ring will face downwards. The clamps can then be removed and reused. The jars are stackable for easy storage. And to release the vacuum created by the seal, simply pull on the rubber seal tab until you hear a whizzing or hissing sound of air moving quickly. The lid can then be easily removed.

Each jar comes with a glass jar and glass lid, a 100% natural rubber seal, and two stainless steel spring clamps. The jars all have wide openings for clean, easy filling and serving. They are microwave safe (without the clamps and seals!). BPA-free, phthalate free, PVC-free, lead-free. Recyclable.

Volume: 370 ml 


About Weck

J. Weck Company of Oflingen, Germany are a storied brand in the realm of home canning, credited with developing and introducing the now common practice of preserving food in glass jars. On January 1, 1900, Johann Weck first released his carefully designed, high quality all glass jars. The design of the jar and seal made it easier to determine if the jar was properly sealed, thus making for a more pleasant canning experience -- much less chance of opening a jar of chutney or pickled beets before Christmas dinner to find it moldy or rancid.