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We have partnered with popular payment provider Laybuy so that customers can pay for their order with interest free weekly instalments. Laybuy is available both in store and online. Find out more below

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Just continue to checkout and select Laybuy as your payment option or visit to create your account.


Q. Who can use Laybuy?
A. Any NZ resident over 18 with a current debit or credit card.


Q. How is my limit approved?
A. Your limit is assigned through our instant credit check upon sign up. If you don't have a credit score, Laybuy will assign you with $120. No extra information about you is required!


Q. Is there anything else I should know?
A late fee of $10 will be applied to your account 24 hours after a missed payment. You can also spend more than your assigned limit, the excess will simply be added to your first payment.


Q. What if the item I want to purchase is more expensive than my Laybuy credit limit?
A. You can shop and spend more than your limit if you have a sufficient balance on your debit or credit card to complete the purchase.
However, if you exceed your limit this will change the way in which you will be required to make payments to us as the excess must be paid at the time of your first instalment.
For example, if you have a limit of $120 and want to purchase an item for $200, your designated debit or credit card will be charged $80 on the date of purchase. That is, the $80 "limit excess" and your payments for the next 5 weeks will be $24 per week.